Dean Stenzel

Property Specialist

A little about me

Dean Stenzel has been a proven performer in the real estate industry since he left the finance sector to be a property sales consultant 7 years ago.

Within the first 2 years, he was one of only two agents nominated for the Queensland Rookie of the Year award for excellence, and his path has been littered with successful transactions since.

An Ipswich resident for nearly 30 years, Dean is also a director of a marketing company & a prominent clothing label, so understands the finer details of the business world. Having a huge interest in football as well, Dean is a familiar face at the Ipswich City Football Club, which he has sponsored for many years.

“Transparency, honesty and communication is what’s needed to be a great agent,” he said. “The rest comes with learning the market. It’s about communicating 24/7 with clients and being open about everything.”
Dean gains great satisfaction from doing a good job, which he gauges on the happiness of his sellers and buyers.

“It’s about getting the clients what they want” he said. “It’s also about putting a deal together and making every party feel like they’ve won out of it. Being part of all that is a rewarding feeling.”

When Dean isn’t putting deals together he enjoys picking up the guitar, or playing football at “The Bulls” where he’s been a club member for almost 20 years.


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