Corey Martin

Property Specialist

A little about me

Corey Martin is a young real estate agent with a lot of drive and passion for the Real Estate industry.His job as a professional consultant is to work day in and day out for his sellers to achieve a premium price for their property within the shortest amount of time. He’s number one goal when selling a property is to always have his sellers best interest at heart whilst being truthful and reliable.

When it comes to marketing Corey challenges traditional sales techniques and is constantly connecting with buyers and sellers via social media and digital marketing avenues. He’s need to become one of the best is constantly improving day in day out with continual self learning and mentoring so that he can perfect his craft and get results for his customers.

Having worked in the trade industry as an electrician for 7 years his understanding of how to listen to people and assist them in achieving what they want comes second to none.As a 13 year resident of Greater Springfield and many years working in and around the Ipswich area he has gradually built up great product knowledge and is constantly putting that into use each and every day.


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