Cassandra Jeffs

Business Development Manager

A little about me

Award-winning business development manager Cassandra Jeffs is an unassuming achiever in an industry which has recognised her talent on the international stage.

Cassandra was Australasia Business Development Manager of the Year 2016 – Residential, at her previous company which has an established network of more than 400 agencies.

It’s a wonderful accolade and a direct reflection of her outstanding management skills.

“Experience, and with that knowledge, has benefited me enormously,” Cassandra said.

“I’m here to do my job and I’m dedicated.”

Thirteen years ago, Cassandra launched her real estate career by responding to a job advertisement in the local paper regarding a sales position.

“I started from the ground up,” she said.

“I went from sales to a receptionist role, to property management.”

With a wealth of insight and a strong competitive streak, Cassandra is a top performer in assisting clients to make the best decisions in regard to their investment properties.

Honest, humble, confident and trustworthy.

Cassandra is equipped with not only the right skill set, but an open attitude which is the foundation of all great business development managers.

“I step outside the box but also, knowledge is the key,” she said.